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Engineering Advantage

As part of the Cornelius benefits from world-class engineering expertise and market insight as well as state-of-the-art research and development facilities. We call this our Engineering Advantage and it is one of the main reasons behind our successful ongoing partnerships with many of the world's leading beverage manufacturers.

Engineering Advantage means more than simply a product range that's unrivalled in terms of depth, breadth and quality: it enables us to identify and solve new challenges in collaboration with our clients, helping them to stay ahead in their own particular sectors. This includes supporting them in the delivery of responsible business priorities such as energy consumption and carbon emissions. Around 70% of our products across the Group are bespoke, customised, differentiated or engineered to order for our customers.

Meeting the beverage dispense challenge

In the beverage dispense sector Cornelius utilises Engineering Advantage in two key areas:

  • Fluid management engineering – critical in mixing water, beverage concentrates and gases together in the precise quantities to dispense a properly mixed drink that always meets the necessary specification
  • Refrigeration and other methods of heat exchange – ensures a drink is served at the right temperature, regardless of the environment in which it is served

Engineering Advantage in practice

Designing and developing modern beverage dispense equipment poses numerous engineering challenges. Customers want to be able to choose from a wide range of options and they expect it to be dispensed quickly, at the required temperature and tasting exactly as expected. At the same time, the owners of the equipment want ease of use, compact configurations, reliability and consistency and product longevity.

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    Cornelius is dedicated to helping our customers meet the most challenging of requirements. Take a look at some of our customized solutions.

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  • Heritage

    From a Minneapolis basement to multinational market leader: the history of Cornelius from 1931 to the present day – a heritage of growth driven by development of quality beverage dispense products.

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