July 1, 2024

Beverages that used to be sparse in the US are flooding shelves and menus across America. A new demand has risen for different global drinks. Restaurants and stores have scrambled to accommodate this flavorful trend and include different global varieties to please consumers.

What’s trending?

A wide assortment of global beverages have been trending, but the biggest players currently in the beverage industry are:

Bubble tea, a Taiwanese drink with a cold tea base, notably having the addition of black tapioca pearls that pop in your mouth. This drink can take on endless flavor profiles, and restaurants can incorporate the popping bubbles in many different drinks, not just tea.

Horchata, a creamy Latin American drink that combines water-soaked rice, vanilla, and cinnamon. It can come in diverse flavors and be added to an array of beverages like coffee, cocktails, smoothies, or just be tasted alone.

Kombucha, which originated in China, is a fermented tea drink including sweetener and the bacteria SCOBY. It is said to have amazing health benefits and include an abundance of antioxidants plus probiotics. This attracts the target market of customers following the ongoing wellness movement.

Matcha, a Japanese green tea made from ground green tea leaves, is mixed in with a spectrum of flavors or drank by itself. Hot or iced, matcha has been incorporated into lattes, shakes, and smoothies. Known for its wellness advantages, consumers can get their money’s worth with the influx of antioxidants and nutrients embedded in the tea.

Why should you follow the trend?

By incorporating global drinks into your business, it will bring in a niche target market and customer base that will visit exclusively to try these drinks. This will drive profits and expand brand awareness.

How can we assist you?

When adopting this new beverage trend into your business, we have an extensive catalog of solutions that can aid your diverse drink making. Our dispensing solutions allow for differing drink combinations. Use our cold coffee beverage dispensers to aid making your caffeinated creations mixed with horchata or matcha.