Cornelius® is the only manufacturer to successfully produce and dispense Chunklet ice in Fountain Dispensers for the last 25 years.

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More than 30 years of experience in producing ice makers has helped us hone the production of competitively-priced compact Ice maker design options that facilitate layout needs and are easily serviceable. We are the only manufacturer to successfully produce and dispense nugget-style in ice and fountain dispensers for the last 25 years. It has been proven that Cornelius® Chunklet ice has the ideal ice hardness which enhances the mouth feel of fountain drinks.

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Convenience Stores

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Quick Service Restaurants

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80 Years of Refrigeration Experience

We leverage our Cornelius® background to ensure that we can approach every need with new ideas that are grounded in past knowledge


Our ice makers are built for reliability and durability, never a disposable approach to manufacturing

Simple Design, Easy To Clean

Our ice makers are built to be plug-and-play, where only a water and an electrical connection is needed to be up and running

Energy Efficiency

All of our units are Department of Energy certified

Compact Foot Print

We have the only icemaker in 14.5” width which can produce more than 600 LBS of Ice in 24-hours

Ideal Ice Hardness

Studies show that Chunklet, or nugget ice is overwhelmingly preferred over cubed ice

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