Frozen Carbonated
Beverage Dispensers

Meet your customers' impulse to purchase refreshing, frozen, sparkling beverages with the promise of Viper Elite's high-margins and bullet-proof reliability.

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After more than 50 years of dispensing frozen carbonated beverages, Cornelius® has insight into how adding FCBs to your line up can drive incremental drink purchases and consistently deliver ultra-profitable, quality drinks—pour after pour.

Frozen Carbonated Beverage Dispensers

Key Segments

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Convenience Stores

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Quick Service Restaurants

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High Draw with Surge Capacity

For peak demand times, Viper has a impressive surge capacity, dispensing 10 (16oz) consecutive drinks per barrel. Viper also features a continuous draw capacity of 75-82 fl.oz per minute when alternating barrels. (60-66 fl.oz per minute for 2 barrel)

Industry Leading Recovery

Viper is the most reliable FCB dispenser on the market and touts an industry-leading 3 minute defrost recovery time. From out of defrost back to frozen —you are up and running faster than ever.

Patented Intelligent Defrost

Why make a customer wait for a drink, or worse, walk away without making a purchase? Viper monitors sales throughput and automatically skips a defrost when it’s not needed, keeping you running during peak demand and reducing wear on the compressor.

Lockout Defrost Times

Worried that your unit will go into defrost mode right when you need it the most? With the Viper lockout defrost feature you can ensure that your rush time is uninterrupted which means your product and profits will keep flowing when you need them the most.

Highest Quality Equipment

From industry leading manufacturing quality checks to a team of dedicated engineers, we work tirelessly to ensure the highest quality of equipment leaves our doors.

Operational Ease

Quickly access manuals and easy-to-follow service videos via QR code. Thanks to technician-designed parts, we’ve reduced maintenance and service times to keep you running.

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