Viper Elite Classic

Viper™ Elite 2 Flavor, 50 Hz, Motorman Valve, Short Merchandiser


  • High Capacity - Viper has a continuous capacity of 60-66 fl.oz per minute when alternating pour of barrels, so you can pour more drinks! Sometimes, there is a high peak demand where everyone wants the same flavor. To champion those peak times, we have and impressive surge capacity of 9, 16oz drinks per barrel (* at 75 degrees ambient temperature)
  • Industry Leading Recovery Time - Viper has an impressive 3 minute recovery time, so you are back up and running faster!
  • Patented Intelligent Defrost - Our equipment monitors how much product is dispensed so that it can better manage defrost cycles to keep you up and running during peak demand periods and reduces wear and tear on components!
  • Lockout Defrost Times - If you know when your equipment will go into defrost, you can schedule defrost lockouts to ensure you have product ready to serve.
  • Highest Quality Equipment - From industry leading manufacturing quality checks to a team of dedicated engineers, we work tirelessly to ensure the highest quality of equipment leaves our doors. You can rest easy knowing that you are buying the highest quality equipment on the market.
  • Operational Ease - We have a completely closed product system which allows for very easy operations. A daily wipe-down and monthly clean of the filter is all your staff needs to do. Once a year, a service tech will complete a preventative maintenance check to handle the rest.

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Model Specifications

  • Product Categoryfrozen
  • Agency ListingsNSF, CE
  • Model621250041
  • Valve TypeMotorman Valve
  • Unit Dimensions (Overall)17”W x 32 .5”D x 37”H
  • Merchandiser HeightShort
  • MarketEurope / Asia
  • Draw Capacity60-66 fl.oz/min . continuous, alternating barrels @ 75°F ambient
  • Graphic Card Dimensions 16.75 in (42.55 cm) x 11.79 in ( 29.95 cm) (W x H)
  • Flavor Card Dimensions6.5 in (16.51 cm) x 4 in (10.16 cm) (W x H)
  • Optional Leg Kit629087406, 4” legs adjustable to 5.25”
  • Optional Cart620043075, Viper 2 flavor cart, stainless steel
  • Optional Graphic Card620047178, Viper 2 flavor generic graphic for tall merchandiser
  • Optional Generic Flavor Cards620042868, Generic flavor card set (includes 18 flavors)
  • Recommended Buck Boost325674000, Buck and boost transformer

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