Viper™ Elite Classic

Viper™ Elite 3 Flavor, 60 Hz, Motorman Valve, Short Merchandiser


  • High Continuous Capacity of 60-66 fl.oz. Per Minute (Alternating Barrels at 75⁰F Ambient) - So you can pour more drinks!
  • High Surge Capacity of 9, 16 fl.oz. Drinks Per Barrel (At 75⁰F Ambient) - Champion peak times where every customer wants the same flavor!
  • Patented Intelligent Defrost Monitors and Manages Defrost Cycles - Keeping you up and running during peak demand periods and reducing wear and tear on components!
  • Market-Leading 3 Minute Defrost Recovery Time - Reducing downtime so you are back up and running faster!
  • Lockout Defrost Times - You can schedule defrost lockouts to ensure you have product ready to serve during peak hours.
  • Industry-Leading Manufacturing Quality Checks - We work tirelessly to ensure the highest quality of equipment leaves our doors.
  • Team of Dedicated Engineers - You can rest easy knowing that you are buying the highest quality equipment on the market.
  • Operational Ease Due to a Completely Closed System - A daily wipe-down and monthly clean of the filter is all your staff needs to do. Twice a year, a service tech will complete a preventative maintenance check to handle the rest.

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Model Specifications

  • Product Categoryfrozen
  • Agency ListingsUL, NSF, CE
  • Model621360041
  • Valve TypeMotorman Valve
  • Unit Dimensions (Overall)22 .75”W x 32 .5”D x 37”H
  • Merchandiser HeightShort
  • MarketNorth America
  • Draw Capacity 75-82 fl.oz./min . continuous, alternating barrels @ 75°F ambient
  • Graphic Card Dimensions22 .5 in (57.15 cm) x 11 .79 in (29.95 cm) (W x H)
  • Flavor Card Dimensions22 .5 in (57.15 cm) x 11 .79 in (29.95 cm) (W x H)
  • Optional Leg Kit629087406, Leg kit, 4” legs adjustable to 5.25”
  • Optional Cart620053990, Viper 3 flavor cart, stainless steel
  • Optional Graphic Card620047173, Viper 3 flavor generic graphic for short merchandiser
  • Optional Generic Flavor Cards620042868, Generic flavor card set (includes 18 flavors)
  • Recommended Buck Boost620067479, Pre-Wired Transformer
  • Video1Array
  • Video2Array
  • Video3Array

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