August 21, 2020
Convenient payment from car, drive thru system.

In today’s foodservice environment, food safety and hygiene are critical and now more than ever, consumers need to pick-up their food as fast and as safely as possible. With government mandates and personal safety concerns rising during COVID-19, the demand for drive-thru and off-premise dining have increased.

Even as states reopen, consumer concern remains high, changing the way they purchase food during COVID-19, thus shying away from eating in dining rooms. Instead, consumers are choosing to get food and beverages via drive-thru or takeout more frequently.  In parallel, lunch and dinner peak times have extended.  With increase in drive-thru traffic and off-premise orders, along with blurring day parts, improving operational efficiency and speed of service are imperative!

“Over 75% of consumers feel safest getting restaurant food from a drive-thru or curbside pick-up, with only around a third (32%) of consumers still comfortable dining in.”

Marmon Foodservice Technologies’ drive-thru solutions give owners and operators the ability to meet growing consumer demand by making your back-of-house operations more efficient. Increasing the bottom-line and speed of service in your drive-thru, without compromising quality or taste.

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Source: Datassential


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