July 25, 2023

As consumer behaviors evolve, the demand for value-added experiences continues to increase. Brands are adapting by providing faster and more efficient service. Self-service kiosks may be the solution for both.  

What are self-service kiosks? 

At various businesses, like movie theaters, hotels, restaurants, and fast-food chains, intelligent service devices are often readily available. These self-service kiosks allow customers to independently place orders and pay with minimal waiting or delays. Plus, it provides contactless service. 

Kiosks can help streamline operations and reduce the number of employees needed to complete and serve an order. These benefits are especially significant in businesses with fewer employees responsible for a broad range of activities. In quick-service restaurants, kiosks can replace traditional lines and empower customers to order at their own pace and to their own taste.  

An additional benefit for the owner-operator beyond minimizing labor dependencies, is the potential increased revenue. The average order amount is 30% higher when using a kiosk compared to a traditional cash register¹. 

For full-service restaurants, a tabletop tablet may serve as a self-serve kiosk. It allows customers to order as they are ready and receive their food quickly. Fast ordering with fast delivery enhances the dining experience and builds customer trust. 

A summary of kiosk benefits includes:  

Reduced wait times. Lines and wait times are major factors in customers’ decisions on staying in a store. With self-serve tools, customers can order quickly, and staff can prepare and serve even quicker. 

Personalized ordering and payment. By ordering for themselves, customers can customize their order as much as they want, eliminating the potential for a waiter to make a mistake. They can also transact with their preferred payment method and have confidence that they will never lose their credit cards. 

Extra sales. One reason orders are up 30% higher when using a kiosk is the visibility of the available extras and add-ons. Consumers are more likely to select the add-ons when viewing them on the kiosk compared to when offered as suggestions by servers. 

Resource savings. Among the many resources that can be saved with self-service kiosks, staff time is a priority. The time saved can be reallocated to order building, preventative maintenance like cleaning, restocking, and more. 

Whether you implement this tool into your business or stick with the traditional way of serving, Cornelius has solutions to fit your needs. All our carbonated, non-carbonated, and frozen beverage equipment has dispensing options for self-serve and crew-serve applications. 

In addition, Enduro and Quest Elite offer touchless dispensing for total safety and efficiency for your crew members and customers. Leverage our beverage solutions; IDC Pro, Viper Elite, and Quest Elite allow you to promote your brand and feature promotions on their top-quality merchandisers. 

Rest assured, Cornelius is here to support you with a portfolio of solutions that help you navigate the ever-changing market trends. 


¹Tillster and SSI Self-Service Kiosk Index 


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