Flavor Fusion

FlavorFusion™ With 16 MFV Valves Cold Carbonation And 8 Flavor Shot Buttons, Meets ADA, With Drip Tray


  • Large Ice Capacity - 255 lb ice storage will meet your peak demand
  • Brand Density - 16 brands and 4 flavor shots in 30 inch foot print  
  • Flavor Shot Nozzles - Dedicated Flavor Shot nozzles allow customers to create a unique drink experience
  • Flavor Shot Adjustabilty - Flavor shot dispense times and flow rate are easy to adjust to meet store owner and customer needs
  • No Flavor Carry Over - Our unique valve design eliminates flavor carry over for brands and flavor shots  
  • Total Flexibility   - Can easily change from carbonated to non-carbonated drinks for each brand
  • Built-In Cold Carbonation - Delivers consistent drink quality
  • Readily Accepts Top-Mounted Ice Makers - Can top mount cuber and chunklet ice makers
  • Easy Motor Removal - Ease of service; to replace motor ice does not have to be removed from hopper or removal of top-mounted ice maker
  • Large Drip Tray Capacity - Holds overflow of ice from ice dispense

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Model Specifications

  • Product Categoryfountain
  • Agency ListingsUL, NSF, CE
  • Electricals Requirements 115 V +/- 10% (only requires single outlet)
  • Cup Clearance10 in (25.4 cm)
  • Number of Valves16 MFV 8 Flavor shots
  • Ice Storage Capacity 255 lb ice bin capacity for cubed & chunklet (compressed) ice
  • Valve Type16 push button brands
  • Unit Dimensions (Overall)30 in (76.2 cm) x 30 in (76.2 cm) x 41 in (104.14 cm) (W x D x H)
  • Shipping Weight365 lb (166 kg)
  • Beverage ManifoldingTotalFlex™
  • Drink Performance and Cooling Capacity2-4 fl.oz./sec valves
  • Graphic Size Overall(template available)
  • Standard FeaturesTimed agitation, beverage key switch and 4" legs
  • Counter Weight320 lb (plus ice weight)
  • AMP Draw120V / 60Hz / 9.3 Amps
  • Water Supply Pressure50-60 psi at pump
  • CO275 psi at carbonator tank
  • Brand Syrup Supply Pump Pressure60 psi/min
  • Drain Size20-25 psi/max

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