May 18, 2023

Searching for a solution to deliver an unmatched user experience within your fountain beverage program? Look no further than the Cornelius IDC Pro™. This stand-out innovation from Cornelius is designed with a myriad of showstopping capabilities, from tried-and-true reliability to cross-merchandising and customization 

We understand that consumers love variety and customization. The IDC Pro dispenses up to 20 brands, 8 flavors, and over 3,260 combinations. Our simple and intuitive digital screen interface makes navigating and selecting products quick and easy. In addition, the interface ensures that your customers can always find what they want quickly. Plus, the Cornelius Flavor Shot feature lets your customers blend their drink or add extra flavor on top, giving them even more options to choose from.

The IDC Pro’s dual nozzles allow simultaneous brand and flavor dispensing, ensuring speed of service for 2x the customers even during rush times. 

All this variety is beautifully showcased via an illuminated 32” digital touch screen. With engaging graphics to highlight your array of brands and unique flavor offerings, guests will be drawn in to pour their favorite drink or customize to create a new one. With our easy-to-use content management system and data analysis tool, you can measure real time drink pour data, make informed decisions on inventory purchases, and update your marketing material with ease. The eye-catching and ever-changing video content will drive fountain drink sales.   

IDC Pro’s merchandising capabilities are unmatched in the market. It is the perfect solution for any business looking to boost their marketing power and capture the attention of busy, on-the-go customers.  In fact, there is a 3-19% sales uplift seen on equipment with digital screens. 

Installation of the Cornelius IDC Pro is quick and easy, thanks to our intuitive Setup Wizard. We strive to maximize uptime and minimize downtime. The sooner you get up and running, the sooner you will start increasing your customers’ satisfaction. 

We know that equipment appearance and performance are important to your business’s reputation. That’s why the IDC Pro is made with scratch-resistant materials that are easy to clean. Plus, the modular design and panels allow for easy access from many angles, saving your crew time and effort in daily maintenance. 

The one-piece ABS thermoformed plastic (Durabide™ design) provides durability and guarantees all ice in the hopper is dispensable. The unit’s incredibly large ice capacity, universal ice maker adapter kit, and ADA compliant features are just a few more reasons to choose the Cornelius IDC Pro. 

Check out IDC Pro and explore the resources that will upgrade your fountain beverage program and your sales.