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September 14, 2015
IDC Pro Countertop with Screen

CHICAGO, Ill. (September 14, 2015) –Cornelius, Inc., a Marmon/Berkshire Hathaway company, is a worldwide leader in the design and production of dispensing equipment for soft drinks, juice, beer, water, ice, and frozen beverages. Cornelius proudly presents the latest in interactive beverage dispensing, IDC Pro.  IDC Pro offers superior features at your fingertips. Simply swipe left or right to choose from up to 20 brands and eight flavor shots.  Shorten queue times as two customers can dispense a drink simultaneously. Customize marketing messages with IDC Pro’s impressive 32 inch digital merchandising display.  With a strong contemporary styling the IDC Pro will exceed retailer expectations of the look and feel for a fountain drink dispenser.

Cornelius will be commercializing their new IDC Pro fountain dispenser; this new equipment uses impressive twenty-first century technology with a sleek touch screen user interface to dispense the consumer’s favorite fountain beverage. Cornelius offers the benefit of its Multi-Flavor Valve to allow consumers to engage in creating a unique dispensed beverage. Consumers are currently looking for more options when choosing a beverage and Cornelius’s IDC Pro certainly delivers on this trend. IDC Pro engages consumers in a new way allowing for digital merchandising during the dispensing process. Retailers will be able to create their own ads, control region-based messaging and time-based messaging or even sell ad space to local neighborhood businesses. Retailers can now act strategically during business hours to influence consumer behavior. Jeremy Martin VP of National Accounts and Distribution for Cornelius commented on this feature by saying “IDC Pro is the cutting edge marriage of cold dispensed technology and visual merchandising facilitating growth in one of the key profit categories for retailers.”

President of Key Accounts for Cornelius Alan Duncan said “IDC Pro is about significantly increasing our customer’s profits, by combining premium valve technology with the largest visual engagement display in the market.  The unit allows for complete control over drink variety that consumers are demanding, as well as personalized merchandiser at the individual store level or broadcast across an entire enterprise. IDC Pro delivers; reliability, variety, engagement, serviceability and increased profits.  This unit has it all.”
VP of National Accounts and Distribution Jeremy Martin of Cornelius also commented also saying, “IDC Pro takes fountain presence and beverage incidence to a new level by leveraging best in class valve technology and drink quality with cutting edge visual merchandising. IDC Pro opens a new revenue platform with advertising and enhances the consumer experience driving increased sales and revenue platforms.”

Coming up in October is the NACS show in Las Vegas where Cornelius will be showcasing this new equipment. You can find them at booth #5076. Experience the new way to dispense fountain beverages.

Founded in 1931, Cornelius continues to create innovative beverage dispensing equipment to meet the needs of brand owners, foodservice retailers, and consumers.