May 14, 2019
Aerial Blue Raz Slushy

What is an FCB?

FCB stands for Frozen Carbonated Beverage. It is created from a blend of high quality syrup, filtered water and food-grade CO2, frozen to a consistent, drinkable slush.

FCBs are very profitable beverages

FCBs generate a high gross margin due to suspended CO2 within the frozen drink. This process of introducing CO2 into the freezing process creates expansion (overrun) in product filling the cup. Think of this expansion, or overrun, as additional profit in your cup!

And beyond the profit

Bright colors, sweet taste and a touch of nostalgia make FCBs a hit with consumers. Further, 81% of all FCB purchases are an impulse decision and ounce for ounce, FCBs are a lower-calorie option compared to comparable soft drinks.

Cornelius Viper Elite

From the experience and expertise of Cornelius, the Viper Elite is available in two designs—Classic or Carbon—with premium materials and finishes to give a timeless look. Smooth continuous surfaces make the unit easier to wipe down and Viper Elite even features an ADA-approved Stainless Push Handle (SPH) Valve. It combines brilliant design, superior performance and world-class quality that you can rely on.