August 1, 2019
ED300 Lit Valves_Coke and Pepsi

Improved Branding and Visibility

Grow your business and build brand awareness with Cornelius® Illuminated valve decals. Increase profits by improving consumer engagement. Optional downward lighting feature makes it easier for consumers to see and dispense their drink.

Easy to Install, Easy to Clean, Easy to Upgrade

Unique valve technology is quick and easy to install, between 5-10 minutes. With its modular design, the Cornelius® Illuminated valve takes advantage of sanitary lever technology, making it easy to clean. The illuminated valve is also compatible with any dispenser currently utilizing Cornelius® legacy sanitary lever valves, enabling you to easily upgrade your existing fountain equipment to the latest technology.

Built to Last

The Cornelius® Illuminated valve has a life of over 50,000 hours or nearly 6 years of constant usage. With the full support of our service tech network and access to Cornelius® parts, your equipment will always be up to date and ready for use.

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